Love as there shall be no tomorrow

Love a lot.  With all the love you feel and cherish. Love until you burst. Love until you are unable to distinguish if that love is part of you or if you are yourself that love. 
Love even if you will have to repent all that love. 
Love excessively. Love till the end. Even when everything will turn against you. Even when everyone else will tell that love should be placed differently, punctuated differently. 
Love as if it means to clench your fists. Until you whiten your knuckles and marks are left on your palms. Love even when love makes you angry like no one has ever done before. 
Even when you will curse while breaking glasses and slamming doors. Even in that anger, there must be love.

Love as if your life depends on the love you have. 
First love yourself,  more than anything else,  otherwise, the love you will nurture towards others will not be authentic at all. Love even if it makes you cry, but never forget that Love makes you smile and laugh. 
Love the merits, but remember that it was its imperfection that nourished the love you have. 
Love with the same force you would use to save the whole world. 
Love as if love is the only anchor of salvation.

Love and prove it. Love as there shall be no tomorrow. Life is unpredictable. You might never know when people around you shall be gone forever. So, Love strong. Stronger than ever. After all, what’s worse than those who love too much?